About SJFH

South Jersey Fun Hog South Jersey Fun Hog was an idea born out of a bottle of rum and an endless need to find “all the fun”.

Kate (born and raised in Somers Point) and Dave (originally from Northern Michigan) met while living in the Virgin Islands. After a few years of dating and a lot of bar hopping, the couple moved back to the States and landed in South Jersey. But they both missed the readily available daily shenanigans of the islands and were forever in search of good live music and amazing bartenders. One night, after a few cocktails, they wondered why there was no easy way to see all the fun things that were happening down the shore. They needed a quick and easy way to make the most of their weekends. With the slow rolling motivation that only comes from late night drinks, it took a mere five years to start the foundation of South Jersey Fun Hog: a one stop spot to find out what’s happening locally, and a subtle nod to the memory of their island friend, Bruce – the original master of “hoggin all the fun”. 

When it comes to happy hour, live music, trivia, markets, festivals and more, Kate and Dave are always on the hunt for something fun. This site is a way to introduce everyone to all the wonderful options South Jersey has to offer.

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